Our Services | Services that are we offer

  1. Animation Studio

    Team AM is sometimes accused of making things look easy - this is no exceptional. Here in brief, is the making of 'Dunia Eicak'. We go from 2D concept to 3D model, add texture, build a rig and animate a simple acting shot.
  2. Visual Effects

    Team AM continuously proving to all client they can 'Make Believe' in every shots from simply impossible to dream come true by using computer-generated imagery (CGI), animation and compositing skill to deliver in TV drama & Film.
  3. iPhone Apps

    Team AM venture in diversifying its services in ICT. We successfully created an apps for muslim to calculate their earnings for Zakat and Faraid. It is called 'Muslim Calculator'. This was done through a collaboration on project with Terato Tech Sdn Bhd. It can be used in iPhone and is available in iPhone Store.